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Philippe Starck's Paris 2024 Olympic medal is made for sharing

Philippe Starck has conceived the medal for the Paris 2024 Olympic games with a focus on the phrase 'made for sharing' by splitting the design into three.

A 22-year-old has raised $30M to trap plastic floating in the great Pacific garbage patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most polluted areas of the ocean. 22-year-old Boyan Slat has a potential cleanup solution

The Morpher is a foldable bike helmet that fits in your bag

Morpher is a foldable bike helmet created by Jeffrey Woolf that fits in your bag

An art exhibit in Italy let people play with unpoppable bubbles

The New Spring Installation by Studio Swine lets you play with bubbles

This Window Transforms Into A Balcony In Seconds

The Bloomframe could be the future of interior design

Giant nets harvest fog to solve water crisis in Morocco

The nets are fishing water out of thin air.

Lollipop Sticks Turn Into Plants

Amborella Organics sells seed-bearing lollipops. It's a treat you can enjoy long after you've finished it.

Pocket-sized Watercolor Paints

Aditya Vadgaonkar created Viviva Colorsheets to make painting more travel-friendly

Kinetic Rain - World's largest kinetic art sculpture @ Changi Airport Terminal 1

World's largest kinetic art sculpture unveiled at Changi Airport SINGAPORE

You can draw electrical wires with this cheap conductive paint

This idea can lead to a whole new era in the innovation in the electronics industry.

What it means to be an Entrepreneur

If you have the drive, the vision, the creativity and you are willing to take the risks, you can join a community that is changing the world every day

This car tent will keep your ride protected from the elements

This tent for your car unfolds at the push of a button. It will save your car from the elements and keep it cool

This 'edible water bottle' could put an end to plastic packaging

An 'edible water bottle' that hopes to replace the millions of plastic bottles thrown away every year has raised over £500,000 in a crowdfunding campaign

Sony has filed a patent for a contact lens that shoots video

The tech companies want you to look smarter to make them more profitable.

This house was 3D-printed in just 24 hours

If you need a house in a hurry, this is for you.

Check out Europe's crazy clean energy plan

Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have announced their plan to build a large artificial island in the North Sea along with 7,000 wind turbines

The birth of an idea

A visually delicious show delves into the creative process

Oleo Sponge Could Make Oil Spill Cleanup More Efficient

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory say they've invented a sponge made of common polyurethane foam that has been adapted and can absorb up to 90 times its weight in oil. Photo: Argonne National Laboratory

This Husband-and-Wife Duo Built a $30 Million Startup--Selling Bedsheets to Millennial Hipsters

Rich and Vicki Fulop built Brooklinen by understanding who their customers were and what they wanted.

5 Ways to Know Whether You Have the DNA of an Entrepreneur

Persistent people who seek creative freedom often crave entrepreneurship.